Thursday, May 19, 2016

50 Stories

After six hours of walking through a steady rain, the clouds parted to reveal yet another magical town. Conques is a place to be experienced, kind of like Yosemite. You can see stunning photos, you can watch movies, you can listen to all the enthusiastic descriptions, but nothing truly prepares you for what you find when you actually get there. 

My only beef is that my bed & breakfast, which looked close to town when I booked it, is a five hundred foot vertical climb (that's fifty stories!) back into the center of the action.

There were lots and lots of crosses along the route today. No one is sure of their significance (pilgrimage trail marker, holy spot marker, memorial?) but this one seems to mark the death of some mighty fine hiking boots. 

I also passed several tire farms along the way. The spring crop is looking ripe, I'm sure harvest can't be far off. Now that's genetic engineering that I can get behind. 

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