Sunday, May 15, 2016

Terribly Obscene

Can you say Dr. Seuss? That seems to be who designed the town I ended up in today. Saint-Côme d'Olt is on the official list of most beautiful villages in France, and it is picture perfect through and through. Because this is a holiday weekend here, absolutely everything is closed and the village seems more like a movie set than a vital town. 

Along the trail today a joyful woman was serving lunch to the passing pilgrims in her backyard. I partook of her delicious plum tart and of the spectacular view across multiple valleys. Now that I've descended another 1500 feet, it is almost warm enough to be considered summer. 

Today I was passed by three Australians, eighteen people from Nice, three people from Switzerland, and this guy wearing lederhosen, a pointy felt hat garnished with fresh roadside flowers, and carrying all his belongings in a straw basket. He seemed embarrassed when I complimented him on his outfit. But then again with my terrible command of the French language I might have said something thoroughly obscene. 


  1. Those French really know how to have a holiday, and keep holiday hours for their stores, banks, and restaurants! LOL. I'm having de ja vu - Courtney. Maui Jungalow blog.

  2. I think the tall elf in the lederhosen must live in the church with the screw top peak and Dr.Suess was his uncle. Seems like you are walking through a fairy tale.