Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Marathon Day

I did something crazy today, I hiked almost a full marathon. With a fully loaded pack nonetheless.

My lodgings last night were called the Arc en Ciel (arch in the sky - or Rainbow) and I was greeted by one as I stepped out the door this morning. 

I only experienced a few light showers as I climbed up, up, and up, higher onto the Aubrac plateau. 

The filtered light and numerous small waterfalls made traversing the forest paths nothing short of magical. 

The place I had planned on staying at was fully booked, so I had to look further afield; which is why I stumbled through almost twenty miles today. But this new place looks great. I'm really glad to be off my feet - until tomorrow anyway.


  1. Take it easy Don, 26 miles?.
    Thanks for sharing, love the photos.
    You have followers all over the world. at least in Venezuela that I know of.

  2. What an adventure, Don. Amazing!
    Thinking of you...Claire & Joe

  3. I'm loving every step you take, what a wonderful dream you are living now! Thanks for sharing your journey. P