Friday, March 19, 2010

Translation Challenges

I wasn't sure what that hump was out in the water this morning, so I sat on shore with my camera out. Soon one of the few remaining, critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals (identifier RH-44) swam right up to me. She seemed to be asking if I would come in and play with her, but my seal linguistic skills are worse than my dolphinese - nonexistent. She gave up trying to communicate with me and swam away. I wonder if Maui Community College offers a Seal Language Course?


  1. Awesome sight...especially on Maui. The only one I've seen on Maui was along the rocky shoreline at Makenna landing.

    Water looks green in this, over fairly shallow sand?

  2. We saw the seal with Don but were to slow to get our own shot! Sadly we are back in DC. Enjoy your blog. Ben, Ned and Ray