Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another First for Me!

High surf had been pounding shores all night so when I went out to swim the water was all murked up. Shark attack risk goes up as visibility goes down, so my only swimming option was to go deep. But first I had to get my teeny, tiny little kayak through these waves and out into the clear water.

After having been swept away in a strong current last week I was still nervous - and rightly so! I swam straight out, then turned North into the wind for the second half of my swim. Even though I swam North for over thirty minutes, my GPS showed me slowly swimming South. That was some current!

Now onto my New Experience. First Times are usually memorable, and I'm sure this one will stick with me for a long time.

Many times I've swum very close to singing Humpback Whales, and my friends tell me about the Great Vibration they've felt in similar situations, but I've never felt it. Some of these friends can be enthusiastic about "healing vibrations" from dolphins and whales, which I've taken with a grain of salt. Maybe there's something to it, maybe not.

Today I was shaken to my core. Wow! As the singing whale in the photo below swam toward me, my entire chest vibrated with the sound. I never think much about my body, but I do consider it to be fairly solid. During those moments as I shook throughout, it seemed I was loosely put together. I swear that I was able to feel, actually feel my internal organs. OK, now I'm sounding strange, but it was a bizarre experience. And pretty cool too.

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  1. Don , the first time a pod of dolphins swam towards me there were about 100 of them.. 3 feet in front of me the hair on my arms started to hummmmmmm, it changed my life. I totally understand the pharase' NO words" when it comes to things like this! Amazing and magical!