Monday, March 1, 2010

Mea Culpa

I take blame for all the alarms and sirens.

A good twenty mile per hour wind was blowing for part of my walk this morning, the ocean was white foam, and sand was blasting everyone on the beach. Then the wind died. The waters grew calm and it became a glorious day.

After about twenty minutes I realized that my hat's chin strap was still cinched down tight. Surely I didn't need it any more, so I loosened it. Bam! A huge gust of wind chose that exact moment to strike. House security alarms went off all along the beach and a few car alarms began wailing too. I bet if I had kept my hat tied to my head, the wind gust would never have happened. Anyway, quick reflexes allowed me to grab my hat before it sailed up into the trees...

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