Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friendly Whale Calf

Some of my swimming buddies dragged me out into the ocean this morning (like anyone would ever have to drag me into the ocean!) and I am thrilled that they did. I honestly cannot remember how many times this Humpback Whale calf swam by us to check us out, but it was at least five times. Click HERE for more photos from this morning.

Today was easily the highpoint of this whale season. Wow.

Click HERE or Below for today's video.


  1. DON every year it gets better! next year they will be following you home! These pictures are just magic!

  2. Hi Don,
    The pictures are awesome but, that video of the curious juvenile whale is outstanding. This is why I follow your Blog!
    The music in the video was well chosen, the whale's movements matched the music so beautifully.
    Thank you so much.