Sunday, March 14, 2010


I almost lost it this morning. I could feel panic rising and had to fight hard to keep from freaking out. I haven't been this scared in years.

I seem to have slipped into a major Pacific Ocean current during my swim this morning. I did more than three miles in just over an hour (very very fast for me) and found myself a little too far out to sea. I climbed into the kayak I tow behind me for the trip home, but three hours later had to give up paddling and call for help - a first for me.

The only whale I saw was the one above who passed me like I was standing still. But I wasn't the only one struggling. I saw the submarine I wrote about on Tuesday (Click HERE for the story) being hooked up for a tow back against the current.

All in all, a memorable swim (I just hope I don't have nightmares tonight).


  1. Wow, Don im glad ur okay! that feeling of panic is so awful but ur home ur safe and the whales are talking about yah! =0D For me Don I love the Ocean so much that the occasional reminder that she is the boss is a good thing for me. It is symbolic that of all the miles in the sea that whale passed you. We as ocean people are truly blessed!

  2. Very beautiful and very unforgiving.

    Don, you might like this guys site. He's on the big island.

  3. Wow, the current must have been raging! Was it windy too, or just current? Just wondering, who do you call in a case like that? Did you have to call the Coast Guard? If the Coast Guard has to do a rescue, do they charge you? Just wondering, in case I ever get in that situation, as I am out there a lot in a kayak too. In fact, you have inspired me to get a cell phone, just for this reason!
    I was out on Saturday, and got caught in wind. The wind created small waves that made it hard to paddle against the wind too. It was frightening, but I made it in. Of course, as soon as I made it in, the wind died down!
    Take care.