Friday, January 22, 2010

Water Wings

With no warning, the escort whale (right photo) appeared below me and swam right on by. I looked to my right and saw (barely) a mom and baby whale, and they also swam past and kept on going. Usually, I hear loud singing, or the explosive whoosh of their breathing before seeing them; but not today.

They were barely moving their fins but zoomed by me like I was standing still - well, treading water. It is hard to believe that they could be faster than me! Especially since my GPS said I swam 2.4 miles this morning. Either I've gotten much faster or there must have been one wicked current.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing that. When spring hits and the there is birthing going on out there...what out for the tiger sharks eating the after-birth. Someone got bit a few years back off of ka'anapali while watching a birth.

  2. Sounds like a breath taking experience. Enjoy the water for us. We miss you all! Cheryl

  3. Magnificent! Don read this article on this blog!

    They are WAY smarter than we think!

  4. Wow! Fantastic Don! We have been reading your blog everyday and seeing the awesome photos! Thank you for sharing your adventures!

    Alan and Bruce