Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clowns in a Car

The Maui Pink Cap Swimmers were in a frenzy this morning, hoping to replicate last week's whale encounter. We swam out, out, out to their turf (water?) but saw nothing until the return trip. Two groups of whales crossed paths directly before us, surfacing and spouting all together, but just far enough away to be invisible underwater.

Then the wind and waves picked up and one of our best swimmers had a panic attack. She doesn't get out into the ocean much and swore that we were all being swept away by a rogue current. We did our best to reassure her that we were indeed making progress, and placated her by swimming directly to the nearest beach.

The first group to shore managed to catch a ride back, with eight of us crammed in the car and one in the trunk with the lid closed and his arm hanging out. Too bad that we had the road to ourselves and nobody got to see this strange sight.


  1. And out of 21 people with 1 kayak that started, only 3 swimmers and the 1 kayak braved the entire course back. I never did see Janet, Doug, Dave, and Christine. Just glad that everyone made it back safe and sound.

  2. Don i love those underwater pics of the PC swimmers! yah all look like dolphins!