Thursday, January 7, 2010

All Turned Around

Yes, about some things I am a total moron!

I do, however, love the thermal rash guard (warm swimming shirt) which I got for Christmas. It makes a huge difference when swimming in cooler water and really keeps me warm. It has a weird fit, though, being baggy in strange places.

Now, I am one of those majority of men who has difficulty dressing myself. I have discovered the real reason that mens pants have zippers is so we know which side faces front. Even so, there have been mornings when I've said to myself, "I didn't know I had any pants without zippers. Well, I guess that I do." Only to discover later that I was wearing my pants backwards.

Which leads me back to my new rash guard which fit perfectly this morning. You guessed it. I've been wearing it backwards all this time.

1 comment:

  1. rofl u crack me up! I find myself most comfortable in a swimsuit. All other clothes tend to be put on with disinterst so many times i am in the store with my shirt on backwards. It is a fate deemed to ocean people!