Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loud and Clear

We were reluctant to swim this morning because the water has been murky due to recent high surf. But we saw whales spouting not too horribly far out, so we just had to get in. The ocean was far from crystal clear, but I could see the bottom at all times which counts as "clear enough."

We were still seeing puffs of steam from whales breathing, but way too far out for us. Nonetheless, we decided to swim out towards the island of Molokini and then we were going to swim parallel to the shore.

The water became clear, Clear, CLEAR and the whale songs became loud, Louder, TOO LOUD! Ouch!

And there they were! Beneath us! All I saw was the white outline of a pectoral fin passing below, but a couple of the swimmers saw an entire whale. Wow.

We know better than to chase whales, so we turned and swam south. And, of course, they followed along side us. We could see them blowing only a short distance away but never got close enough to see them underwater again. And the singing! Still very, very loud and I heard some new sounds which I have never heard in previous years. What a great morning!

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