Friday, January 15, 2010

Motivation to Exercise

Those pesky whales were teasing me again today. They kept pace with me on my swim this morning, swimming alongside just far enough away that I couldn't see them underwater. Every ten minutes or so I could see them breathing just a few yards away.

Or maybe they were looking for some exercise and knew that I would challenge them to push a little harder (yeah, right!!!).

By the way, I saw a lot of these jellyfish this morning. Can anybody identify them for me?


  1. The whale fluke! omg awesome! Jellyfish? Don your practically swimming in bottomless water! Good Lord you are a dolphin! whales probaly wonder why the dolphin they are swimming with has legs!!

  2. Looks like a comb jellyfish.

    They're beautiful and harmless.

    As I am sure you're out for the portuguese man-o-wars you have over there...had a friend get zapped on the Maui Channel Swim a few years back. Painful.