Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Magic Hour

What is so magical about the one-hour mark on my deep water ocean swims?

Again this morning, I saw nothing for the first hour of my swim, then this mom, baby and escort swam by to check me out. Perhaps it is building curiosity. They notice some strange splashing sounds unlike anything they have ever heard before. The unusual noises continue, and continue, and continue and finally they can't take the suspense any more. They have to know what the heck is going on over there. And then it turns out to just be me. Yawn. So they swim away.

On the paddle back home a mom and baby whale cut me off in front of my house. Where did they come from? Had they been following me? I immediately stopped paddling and waited for them to swim away before heading in to shore. I held the camera over the side of the kayak and randomly snapped away underwater. I got lucky and they actually showed up in a couple of shots. The top two photos in today's post are the whales that visited during my swim, the lower two photos were from the kayak.


  1. That is amazing!! And truly magical! Wow. And great pictures as well!

  2. So amazing. Absolutely extraordinary that you get to swim with these grand creatures.