Monday, September 28, 2009

On And On

My mistake, yesterday's race was more stock carish and definitely not formula 1. We hiked part of the race course this morning and appreciated the bounty of the countryside.

Everyone has olive trees and nets are strategically placed under each tree for the harvest. I had never eaten an olive fresh from the tree before and can now understand why they are only sold pickled. Still, they are good, but only in quantities of one. They have a sharp bitterness which you can experience for yourself if you buy a bottle of gourmet extra extra virgin olive oil, the really expensive kind.

We also saw lots of grapes being hand harvested and ate ripe figs which were hanging over the road. A magic spell is being cast over me by this place and it is growing stronger by the day. We had lunch on the hotel terrace and did not want to leave our table the view was so magical. At this moment church bells are ringing from just up the hill, small waves are quietly lapping against the cliffs and a warm breeze is stirring our gauzy white curtains.

I finally got into the ocean after lunch and was a little intimidated by unfamiliar jellyfish, so I contented myself with taking photos of them rather than going for a long swim. I know, I know, any excuse to avoid exercise. By the way, even though it looks phony, the photo of me and the jellyfish is real (I don't have Photoshop on my travelling computer).

Wow, all this running around and seeing the sights has obviously gotten to me. I usually have a hard time sitting still, but this afternoon I had the best time sitting in the shade reading a book. I want this vacation to go on forever.

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