Sunday, September 6, 2009

Different Direction

Where was everybody this morning? Sure, a lot of you swam the ten miles from Lanai to Maui yesterday, and even more of you will be doing the 2.4 mile Aumakua swim race tomorrow, so? I would think a nice little adventure swim is just what you all need.

And a nice little adventure swim is what we had. While out in the water, Lynne recounted her encounter with a large Tiger Shark in the same area. Then a few minutes later we found two White Tip Reef Sharks swimming around.

One of our visiting swimmers wasn't used to the little microscopic stinging organisms and thought she was having a serious allergic reaction to her sun screen. She was relieved to find out that she was only being attacked, nothing was wrong with her skin.

It was fun swimming a different route than our same old, same old Sunday swim. Thanks for the push, Jonathan. Who knows? Maybe you can get us to try another different course again next year.

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  1. Those little stinging thingys make me crazy!!I once had a dolphin swim back to me when i was stinging from head to toe. He looked at me like GET OUT OF the WATER DUM-DUM.=0I