Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harp-Twanging Snarp

The Oobleck, Glunk, Snumm, were all impossible characters from the Dr. Suess books which sparked my life-long love affair with reading. I love creativity and a well-told story, and these books had both.

A great storyteller in my current life is my friend, Doug Ray. He can talk about the most ordinary happenings and make them extraordinary. His favorite topic these days: chickens. He has taken to raising chickens in his back yard; and where you have chickens, you have fertilizer. No - I meant to say: eggs. Dozens and dozens of eggs. We have become the lucky recipient of tasty organic free-range eggs.

And therein came the surprise. I knew about white eggs and brown eggs, but Green eggs? If there really are Green Eggs (and Ham) then maybe there really is a Whoville and a Harp-Twanging Snarp...

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