Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now What?

Doug and I went in quest of ancient walled hilltop cities this morning. We drove aimlessly until we stumbled across one and I drove through the massive stone gate into the narrow cobbled streets. I made a right onto a path which was too steep and too narrow even for the new me, and especially for my car. Down, down, down ahead of me I saw two buses stopped in a wide spot turning around getting ready to go back up hill.

In the act of casting my eyes skyward in prayer I noticed "it" above me. I feel like I've already used up all possible superlatives in this blog, so what can I say to describe what I saw? One of the cities of heaven? It was perfect. Our quest had ended.

I, of course, found a small indent in the cliff face into which I tucked our car as the buses roared past. Down and around a blind turn was a parking area, hooray. The walled town before us (Civita di Bagnoregio) was unreachable except by a path across a narrow foot bridge. For once, as we strolled along another web of unbelievably picturesque stone streets, we didn't have to dodge traffic. We had truly stepped back in time.

The only problem is, now that we've discovered the perfect walled city, what do we do next? We're already become accomplished at eating (way too much) Italian food. I guess we will simply have to wait and see what tomorrow brings...

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  1. WHOA!! thats one of those Im NEVER leaving here kind of places! They got dolphins ? =0)