Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The New Me

OK, here's how you can tell that I've been living on Maui for too long.

One of my (mostly) regular clients has asked me to photograph castles for them in Tuscany. All I had to do was pay the airfare, they would take care of the rest. Their executives flew in from foreign lands to meet with me, and they were so excited! I told them that over the four scheduled weeks I could photograph eight properties. They begged me to squeeze in more shoots, please.

After months of planning, lots of new equipment purchases, money spent on tickets, a new haircut, etc. they let me know today that they were unable to make the necessary arrangements and that the whole deal is off. Probably. Or not.

And guess what? I am not feeling the least bit upset (although I do have to confess to a small feeling of relief - no heading off into unknown territory, you know). I guess the islands have taken hold and I am now one Laid-Back Dude.

Whoa. How did this happen? When did this happen? I used to be a Type-A Control Freak. Don't even Think of crossing me - used to be one of my mottoes. And now...

...well, something good came out of it. I got a haircut!


  1. Doug yah dont wanna be gone right now ! Dolphins should be heading your way all day soon =0) Nice cut!

  2. Great meeting you this morning, Don! Marty shared all the things you do to support the community. Love your work, but missed seeing the new haircut under your cap:( Would love to see more:)