Thursday, September 24, 2009


We opened the french doors of our new hotel room and Doug started crying, stunned by the beauty. We are perched on the edge of rugged marble cliffs looking directly at the island of Capri. I was thrilled to find no less than three staircases cut into the cliffs which led to ladders into the ocean. Tomorrow I will swim!

I'm still not sure how we got here. I drove from Rome following the voice of our GPS through the narrow winding streets of Naples and Sorrento, and then along cliff roads to our hotel. I swear the GPS took us the scenic route and Doug was certain that death was imminent at least twice as I swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid obstacles in the road. Yet, here we are in a place more beautiful than we ever imagined.

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  1. Sounds like heaven; we love traveling with you. Maybe someday we can do it together.