Thursday, May 21, 2009

Say Goodbye to the Reefs

UPDATE: I got my facts almost all wrong (see post below). Unfortunately, the loophole is even worse than I reported. But it has nothing to do with aquarium collecting or gill nets. I will say no more here, the fewer people who know the exact details, the fewer people who will take advantage of this horrible situation.

If only it weren't so. Apparently a new state law designed to protect the island's reefs has a loophole - a HUGE loophole. Gillnet fishing which had been banned, is now allowed. All you have to do is go to Oahu and get a permit to catch fish for aquariums. This morning I saw a boat struggling to drag a huge net back and forth, back and forth along the south Maui shore. I just happened to be there when the fishermen checked in with a DLNR agent before going out.

Please tell me I am wrong. Please tell me that I misunderstood. I'm thinking this big school of fish I swam with this morning will not be there the next time I return.


  1. Don, i think they are allowed to do that once a year. crazy crazy crazy Some people will not be satisfied till its gone. I say something, i dont care,l i let them know they are raping the ocean.

  2. Please say that this is not true. How can a law designed to protect the reefs allow gill net fishing? Who is responsible for this?