Thursday, May 28, 2009

King's Highway Again

Civilization ends just five miles down my street. Several times each week I make the bumpy ride out for a little quiet time alone beyond the reach of man.

This morning I felt inspired to go the extra mile (or six) across the rough lava field. I am awed by the desolation. Jagged 'a'a lava rocks everywhere and not a plant leaf to be seen. Black, brown and gray are the only colors left under the glaring sun. I am always shocked when the green oasis cove appears out of nowhere, then disappears as I continue the treacherous trek. Finally below me appears a grove of scrub trees along the shore with a substantial swinging log seat. Ah, a shady rest spot!

Okay, now the only real option is to trudge all the way back to my car. This time the barren rocks with no shade anywhere are less impressive and my feet ache from slipping and stumbling over loose rocks. Now I remember why I don't hike the King's Highway more often.

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