Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Group Purchase

I just finished another day and evening of shooting at a Makena estate today, and I am ready for sleep - lots of sleep. (Yawwwwwnnnnn) Hey, maybe if 5,000 of us get together and put in $10,000 each we could buy this place. Let's see, then we could each stay there one day every 14 years.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Don, very amazing photo, and it captures the breadth of their house. What an incredible, old Maui, but still luxurious kind of place.

    btw, I think if 5000 of us get our ten grand together, I'll want at least a week, so I guess I'll wait my turn...could be about a hundred years though. You're right, I want something sooner, so I'll take that day in 2025, I'll be 66. Hope the weather is nice that day. What time is check-in? I guess there will be ongoing taxes and maintenance, that should come to around $200 a year-so add 2800 to the 10, 000 and that night will cost about $13,000. Actually not bad-comparatively speaking. Some Four Season rooms are $9000. And, it'll be so nice to talk about "my other home"..."on the beach in Makena, I own with some friends" Yes, I think you're on to something here Don.