Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Many Chucks . . .

I got to meet several friendly people during my walk this morning.

An orthopedic surgeon stopped me to tell me that I was walking all wrong. All wrong?! I'm just walking. You know, one foot in front of the other.

She says that I'm overpronating which will cause knee damage which will lead to hip damage and then death, I guess. She asked for my phone number so that she could call me to recommend a foot doctor. I'm hoping that I'm really walking just fine but that she needed a way to ask me on a date without her husband finding out.

Then there was this sculptor working beachside. I asked what kind of wood he was using and he said, "Rainshower tree."
I asked, "You must mean Rainbow Shower tree?"
"No," he said "Rainshower. Some people call it Monkeypod, but its real name is Rainshower (which sounds nicer, I think)."
His name is Dale Zarrella and you can Click HERE to check out his web site.

Finally, I spoke briefly with a guy who was working Nunchucks while standing in the surf. He says there are weapons competitions and also martial arts competitions with padded nunchucks. He laughed when he mentioned padded nunchucks, I guess he prefers getting hit with the real thing. Click HERE (or Below) for a brief Video.


  1. Don ur blog today is just plain good ! LOL, nice boring walk huh?

  2. I believe I came across another one of this artists' work in progress. It is to the north of the entrance to Charley Young Beach....walk along the grassy ocean path towards Cove Park. It is breathtakingly beautiful.