Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Swimmer on the Way

Chilly winter water had prompted intense Sunday swims without much playing and fun. Go, go, go had been the theme song for the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers the past few months.

I am happy to say the water temperature is finally edging up a degree at a time and the group is becoming incrementally friskier. The lively mood even continued after we crawled ashore, as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of yet another swimmer.

The beach baby shower for Cheryl and Jonathan featured spectacularly ono-licious food, a balloon tossing competition and, of course, presentation of gifts by the Magi, I mean swimmers. Oh, and yours truly along with talented partner Doug kept the water balloon in play longest and farthest, and won great gifts - beach towel and picture frame. What a surprise!

Check out the photo of Cheryl to the left. She is due in four weeks (yes, the first week of June) and is becoming more beautiful (if that is possible) with each passing day. Click HERE for more photos from today.

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