Friday, May 1, 2009

Game Playing Dolphins

As I swam through an area of murky water this morning I encountered a large group of very playful spinner dolphins. Many of them were playing the leaf game where one dolphin drops a floating leaf and the others zoom in to pick it up. Many of the dolphins were also playing the mating game. Over and over again. Maybe that's why the water was so murky in that one area...

Click HERE or Below for today's Video.

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  1. sigh... what an awesome thing!!! gimminie cryket!! Thank you Don those pictures are amazing. on Sat i got to within 300 feet of the dolphins here on the Noth shore, the water has been so bad like milky water that i would not swim any further out and they would not come any futher in. In your video you can hear them and i just love to hear them! Thank you.