Sunday, March 2, 2008

Teasing the Swimmers

Most of the Maui Pink Cap swimmers were doing the Swim for Your Heart ocean swim race today. Four of us decided to duck the peer pressure and have a fun swim instead. We even swam in a different direction than usual - up north toward my house instead of the usual south course (wow, what rebels). The water was flat, flat, flat and we even discovered a cave entrance in my back yard which I did not know about. We swam with a white tip shark for a while and saw lots of whales in the distance. Each time we would start swimming back to shore, we would see whales out where we just were. We would swim out, and, nothing. We would swim in a bit, whales outside. What teases they are. We even tried drawing them in with our own breaches. Click HERE or below for the video (with two whale breaches from yesterday). On one of our in then out swims we found the remnants of a sunken boat surrounded by at least twelve spotted eagle rays. The most I had ever seen together was six, twelve was exciting!

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