Saturday, March 1, 2008

Exercise that is Fun

Oh my aching knees. My friend Lynda said I could use one of her kayaks while she was off island, and use it I did. Three hours this morning out, out, out into deep, deep waters. I was employing my usual strategy of heading into the wind and hoping that some curious creatures would come and check me out. It worked! On my way out I noticed other kayakers chasing whales and getting nowhere, but I just kept heading into the wind (easy trip home that way). My apologies for the bumpy video (click HERE or below for the video of my encounters) but I was zoomed as far as my camera would go in order to keep a respectful distance from the leviathans. And, of course, a few whales did swim by to say Hi.

Interesting that on my way back home I could hear the whales singing from above water. They must have cranked the volume up to maximum for me to hear them from the surface. Not only could I hear them, but I could distinguish different songs coming from different directions. Way cool.

Another great experience. Thank you Lynda.

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