Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dartmouth Ladies

What to do now that my cousin is gone? Oh, right, a fun Sunday swim!

This morning the Dartmouth Women's Waterpolo team joined the Maui Pink Cap swimmers for an ocean swim. Normally when a college swim team joins us, they end up wandering all over and swimming in circles, looking for the white line to follow on the bottom of the ocean. Waterpolo players are trained by their coaches to rip off the suits of their competitors (don't worry, we kept our distance) and to look where they are going. This adventurous group wasn't afraid to check out Bruce the shark and his two visiting sharks, nor were they shy about leaping from the jumping-off-rock.

We kept playing after they headed back and encountered a Humongous Manta Ray, the biggest I've seen since moving here. Click HERE or below for a great video of today's swim.

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