Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Lobster

One of my all-time favorite movies is "Love Actually" and that movie has a joke about the Christmas Lobster. It seems, that among the animals present at the birth of Christ there were two lobsters, and so they needed to be included in the school nativity play.

Today on my swim with the Maui Pink Cap swimmers we encountered a lobster whose soul had recently departed this world. I had been brought up to never touch dead creatures, but none of my friends apparently had civilized upbringings, so they played with this poor dead lobster's body. Oh, my. Even though it did not resurrect, it was labeled the Easter Lobster.

In further tribute to this holy weekend my friends decided to reenact the final suffering of Christ by forming a cross with our bodies underwater and Josh, of course, played Christ. We never got it quite right, but our intentions were sincere.

Oh, and another theme of the swim was the Easter Bunny. Bunny ears were much in evidence; be they hands, or swim fins, held by the head and wiggled. The attempts at underwater hopping, though, left much to be desired. I imagine that we looked less like Easter Bunnies and more like Easter Lobsters (live ones, that is). Click HERE (or below) for the Video of today's adventures.

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