Friday, March 7, 2008

Big Bash

I attempted a swim out to where the whales were cavorting today, but turned back when my murk meter went off the scale. I am convinced the whales intentionally stir up the ocean floor to help hide themselves from predators. Like me.

If I can't see them from in the water, then I will do it from shore. I wandered out to the end of the old lava flow near my house and watched them pass back and forth. A couple of guys came out with several rods each, baited their hooks and slung them out into the water. Moments later an eel was hauled in. While one guy held the pole the other brought out a baseball bat and whacked the eel. Still wriggling on the ground, he bashed it again and again. The bat began to splinter as he continued striking the eel on the rocks until, eventually, the struggle was over. I had to turn away, I could not watch the brutality against the helpless beast. I do lead a sheltered life. Like most Americans I am content to eat a hamburger as long as I can believe that it originated at a meat counter and not from an animal.

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