Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keoneoio Stumbling

I seem to have forgotten that a mere five miles from my house is a large wilderness area. Probably because rather than waterfalls and tropical jungle, that area is a barren old lava flow. The climate is desert and every step is treacherous. Nonetheless, this morning I decided to hike through it along the so called King's Highway trail. Loose jumbled sharp lava rocks in all directions up to the tall cliffs lining the sea.

Which made the sudden appearance of a green oasis in the middle of this hot sameness a true delight. The driftwood log and cool shade provided a much needed respite after stumbling over the shifting rocks of the trail. I followed a smaller path along the ocean's edge on my return, which at times balanced dangerously along the cliff's edge. The waves crashing onto the rocks and the cleverly balanced stones on the beaches made this route much more interesting. Now if I can just find a safe spot to get in and out of the ocean I will gladly return for a true adventure swim.

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