Friday, October 12, 2007

Dolphin Sex

After working two 14 hour days up on the other side of the island, it was GREAT getting back in the ocean this morning. And my friends, the spinner dolphins, were there to greet me and swam with me for a full two hours. I got some more wonderful photos (click HERE to see today's photos) and had lots of fun.

I do have a small conundrum. The dolphins will swim very close to me and interact with me when I am swimming fast enough to keep up with them. Those moments would make the best video and still photographs, BUT to use a camera I have to use my hand which slows me down enough that the dolphins lose interest. For now I take turns. I play with them a while, then I take photos or video, then I play some more.

The dolphins are very physical with each other, constantly rubbing up together in twos, threes, and larger groups. I never gave much thought to whether or not they were having sex in front of me until I watched the video I took today (click HERE or below for today's video).


  1. hmm if you have trouble using a camera because you need your hands maybe you should get a headcam i think its basically a headlamp harness with a camer mounted to the front you could probably find one and if not improvise

  2. Ya like a GoPro. I got one, Tia expensive (first $200, 2nd $300[the one I have]) but it's worth every penny, + you get a 170 degree angle for both photo and video. And yes it is fully waterproof