Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Approach

It was clear on this morning's ocean swim we don't all approach wild animals in the same way.

When I want to get closer to a wild animal, I swim quietly alongside it for a while until it gets used to me. I try to let the animal make the first move (is this about underwater critters, or dating?). Since most of them are curious about this strange acting person (see, there are advantages to not being normal) they will come up to check me out. Then I take photos and video.

A certain member of our Sunday Pink Cap Swim group has a different approach. He swims right up to the animal and tries to grab or touch it (click HERE or below for the Video). The advantage for us is that we get to see how a wild animal reacts when it thinks it is being attacked. We also get to see them in a different light - see this same starfish which was featured in my previous blog entry.

Of course, most of you see right through my righteous rant because of how I approach my friend Bruce. And you would be right.

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