Monday, April 2, 2012

My Followers

A group of about twenty Spinner Dolphins followed me as I did my usual walk along the shore this morning. Strangely, they did not turn around when I did for the trip back home. Hmmm, maybe all the paddlers got them too excited and they lost track of me. That must be it.


  1. =) i miss the dolphins! Those boards and boats drive me nutzzzzzz....

  2. Hi,
    My partner and I are in your photo with the dolphins for April 3rd. I'm the one in the boat! We followed that pod of 27 (we counted them several times) for over 2 hours. Amazing experience. Swam right next to them. How cool you got the picture. We didn't get a chance to take a good photo. Would you send this to me or can I have permission to use it in my blog: with a link to your website? Thanks so much and Aloha to you! Annie

  3. PS, if you have any more pictures of that day-- April 3, let me know. Love your site. Aloha! Annie