Monday, April 30, 2012

Alternate Universe

During a swim on the island of Lanai, Christine ran into a message floating in the water from our absentee swimmers Patti & Janet. It must have floated here from South America because it was postmarked from the Galapagos where they've been swimming.

Click HERE for more photos from Christine's Birthday trip to Lanai.

This past weekend Doug was convinced that he had passed over into an alternate reality. Big south surf was completely inundating our usual swim course through the rocks, so we did not swim there. Since Janet & Patti were not around to goad us on into extreme danger, we simply turned around. This caution was completely new to Doug and confused him to no end. The only explanation - he had somehow entered an alternate universe.

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  1. Hola Don, thanks for the wonderful pictures!!! Everyone looks like they're having a great time especially Christine. Bueno!