Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too Many, Too Close

I was mobbed by six Spotted Eagle Rays this morning just as I rounded the corner to the Slosh. They zoomed at me, and then around and around me as if I were Santa Claus handing out gifts. My friend, Leilani, is nervous about their dangerous-looking tails - she would have totally freaked if she had been there. I was feeling a little nervous myself. I prefer it when the wildlife keeps a reasonable distance.

Doug told me that this is Shark Week on TV, so here is a photo from this morning just as this five foot long White Tip Reef Shark turned and headed toward me. But don't worry, I didn't hurt it.


  1. OMG!! omg iwould of passed out! LOLOL ! Amazing picture Don! Amazing!!

  2. Great photos! I guess we always take a chance when we enter their world...