Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do Not Read

I'm not kidding, do not read this post. Seriously. It is just going to be me feeling sorry for myself, and the self-pity will not be pretty.

Really, turn away and come back tomorrow.

So, is everyone gone? I hope so. Last chance...

The empty photo today? Because the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers left on the weekly ocean swim without me this morning. They started the swim fifteen minutes early and I could see their arms splashing the water as they left me standing on the beach. Each time I got close to them, they took off again. I was hurt, very hurt, and majorly pissed off!

Of course, I am angry because I crave being the center of attention, and it didn't happen today. Worse, they probably left because they don't even know I exist and started early because they thought that everyone was already there. I'll get over it -- eventually.

See? I told you that you did not want to read this ugliness. Don't worry, tomorrow will be better.


  1. Hi Don,

    I'm very sorry about what happened and they way you feel. I got there 5 minutes later and so did George. While I put on sunscreen everybody left and George, Pedro and I were the last ones to leave the parking lot. At the beach we commented on you not being there and we asked around if they knew you were not coming today. I was happy to see you coming and George and I tried to keep up with you but I couldn't, the current was too strong for me. We missed you at breakfast and we were honestly unaware of what happened (we thought you were late and were catching up with us). You are a very important member of the group and we definitely noticed your absence this morning. We love you, Don!!!

  2. You were totally missed Don! We definitely need to stick to 9 o'clock rule and not a minute before, so everyone has a chance to take off together. See ya next week! ;-)

  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate your kindness. I have two additional comments:
    1. You were not supposed to read this :-)
    2. I was just being a baby and throwing an infantile tantrum. Sometimes I need to do that to get it out of my system instead of moping for weeks. Part of "getting it out" was doing the swim nonstop. Please don't take my being an a**hole personally.

  4. Awwww Don....IF I was there, I would have seen you while in my kayak, but I was on a plane coming home. Your post made me chuckle. And I don't think you were being an a$$. =D