Saturday, December 12, 2009

Island Time

Jokes are often made about "Island Time" because projects move a little slower in the tropics. This is the Kealia Boardwalk which finally opened a couple of months ago, fourteen years after it was begun. It is 3/8 mile long and cost 2.2 million dollars to build.

My biggest question is - why was it built? It parallels the public beach only twenty feet to the left. It runs along the highway and is the best place on Maui to breathe the exhaust of the power plant which generates most of Maui's electricity. As we took the not-very-interesting walk we did have two questions: what kind of ground cover plant surrounds it, and what causes these depressions in the soil (see photo right)? But nowhere are there any (nope, not a single one) informational signs.

All we can do, as aways, is shrug our shoulders and laugh. This is Maui after all.

1 comment:

  1. dont step on the depressions... some state worker probably LOST the QUICKSAND sign! (o0)