Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost Retired

I was almost run over by a dive boat today.

The SCUBA boat did slow down before hitting me, so I was able to push off the front of the boat to keep from being chopped to bits by the propellers. The captain of the dive boat claimed he was blinded by the sunlight, but what was he doing that close to shore at such a popular snorkel and dive spot? Especially if he couldn't see where he was going, as he claimed. Can you tell I'm a little angry? This was the first time in all my years of ocean swimming that I was almost killed by a boat. I could understand it if it happened while out in the middle of the ocean, but close to shore? OK, calm down Don.

The good news is that I encountered the spottiest Spotted Eagle Ray that I've ever seen AND two Humpback Whales repeatedly breached a couple of hundred yards from me.

All in all, a very exciting morning.


  1. betcha he was chasing whales! the boat that is.! Im glad ur okay!!Kid here on Oahu was killed a few weeks ago by the same thing..a speeding out of whack boat. dont let him get away with it Don! crazy people, anything for money!They pose as dive boats they are chasing whales and dolphins which is against the law.! Beautiful Ray!

  2. Aloha Don! Wow! We are so glad you are okay! We would be furious too. But, the most important thing is that you are safe and unhurt. We are eagerly awaiting your photos of the whales. The eagle ray is awesome!

    Alan and Bruce