Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fine Print

Frighteningly High Surf has been in the forecast: 20 foot wave faces on West facing shores (where we swim) and 50 foot faces on North shores. What else could be the reason so few people showed up for our weekly ocean swim this morning?

It is true that a ten-foot-high wall of water bearing down on me will scare the beheck out of me. Twenty feet? Forget about it! I'm outta there.

The problem is... HEY, you've got to get beyond the headlines, people! The giant surf is predicted for tomorrow, today was only three-foot faces on West facing shores.

The few of us who showed up had a fun and energetic swim out in the deep water hoping to see one of the newly arrived Humpback Whales. It didn't happen today, but soon...

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