Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Island Stereotypes

No, the women on Maui do not wear grass skirts - this was a beach photo shoot. But the men do wear Slippers (pronounced SLEE-pah and known elsewhere as flip-flops), Shorts and Aloha Shirts. Actually, that is business attire. Casual attire for Maui men consists of Slippers, Surf Shorts and T-Shirts.

Someone asked me the other day what I was all dressed up for. I was on my way to a concert but I couldn't understand why they (seriously) thought I was dressed up. Then I noticed that I had shoes on. Aha!

There is a joke on Maui (more of a truism, actually) that if an invitation says "Formal Attire," the women dress-to-kill and the men wear shoes.

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