Friday, April 3, 2009

Words from Dorothy

I bought my teeny tiny little kayak in December to pull behind me on my deep water ocean swims. Until today deep water is all it has seen.

Now that the whales are mostly gone, I decided to explore the Makena coastline. What fun! I've hiked and swum the shoreline, but never visited it from a floating vantage point. I was able to paddle into spots which are too shallow for swimming, including this sea cave near my house.

I've always enjoyed hiking the treacherous sea cliff trails of Makena State Park and even maintained a Geocache in a cave there for a couple of years (click HERE to check out Geocaching). To me, the trails were fun, but I got a lot of feedback comments complaining about how life-threatening they were. Once upon a time I would have been petrified too, but after hiking through Nepal and partway up Mount Everest, these paths seemed downright tame.

While pulling in toward home this morning, I saw my friend, Joe, a little way out. He is always easy to spot because he has the exact same kayak as me. As I paddled out to him, a mom and baby whale swam between us. No whales all morning, then there they are right by shore in front of my house! What is that saying from The Wizard of Oz? Something about not looking any farther than your own back yard.

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