Monday, April 27, 2009

Swimming In Style

When I encountered this turtle during my ocean swim this morning, I thought "Awww, poor thing." I started thinking about how I might go about removing the large fish hook stuck through its front left fin. Then I realized it might not be so bad off. After all, I encounter people nearly every day who are pierced more radically than this little guy was. I don't think they would appreciate me attempting to rip out their hardware. Who knows, maybe this turtle is proud of its bling.


  1. DON, my fiance once saw a line with a floater attached to a turtle. he gently pulled the line ,the turtle came to him he hugged the turtle to his chest and removed the hook. WELL the lifegaurds on the beach not knowing what my fiance was doing, started hollering over the PA system DO NOT TOUCH THE TURTLES.. lol my fiance held up the hook and the PA went quiet..=0) maybe the turtle wants u to cut that line off his bling =0)

  2. p.s. the hook he took off was a much smaller hook=0) ur right this one looks huge.. too big to remove without harm.. THATS a great pic!!!!