Saturday, April 18, 2009

All A-Twitter

Lots of dolphin people gathered this morning but, alas, no dolphins; just lots of talk story. The topic of Twittering and Blogging came up and I got a little shock. I always assumed this group of older (my age) people were as informed and cynical as I am. They're not! They were giggling like a group of teenagers over their little double-entendres using the word "Twitter." How silly - and how fun.

So, the main question asked was "Why? Why Twitter or Blog?"

It's true, Twittering and Blogging help build a sense of community among a widely spread group of friends. But for me, the main purpose is to get me to actually live my life.

In my case Blogging is keeping a Journal or Diary which is made public as it happens. Since I am committed to writing something (nearly) every day, I have to pay attention to my own life. I can't simply get up, go to work, come home, watch tv, go to bed, then do it all over again. No! I have to observe what I do, and pay attention to what goes on around me. Otherwise I'll have nothing to write about.

So, what was my discovery today? That the ocean is not as cold as I keep telling myself. I saw several whales off shore, so I jumped in the water and swam way out. And I was comfortable. Even without a wetsuit. By the way, no whales came by to check me out, but I did see their tails above water and got to hear them singing loud and clear. Most of them may be gone, but there are still a few around. Maybe they will feel playful tomorrow morning when the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers head out to sea...

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