Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turtle Soup

Now that whale season is almost over and the chance of a Humpback Whale encounter is slim, I am no longer doing deep sea swims. So I had fun this morning getting reacquainted with the usual denizens of South Maui's shallow water reefs.

The turtle in the upper photo is a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle which, while technically an endangered species, is thriving around Maui. I see several every time I get in the water and this morning was no exception. There were so many swimming around that it was practically turtle soup out there.

The turtle in the lower photo is a critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle. I have only ever seen three or four of these turtles in all of my years of swimming around Maui. I watched today as this one munched on a broken off piece of coral, but I didn't hang around too long because the water is still a bit nippy. When, oh when, is summer going to get here?


  1. Beautiful Don!! I agree, i have a huge black and blue on my arm from the rough water and ocean blouders =0I this week on the north shore. rain, wind, rough,cold water, im staring to feel wore out !!! okay no fear Summmer is almost here!! LOL.. i hope.

  2. ooooo... I love the turtle pics! We missed out on seeing the Turtles (that part of our snorkel trip got cancelled), but hopefully next time we'll have better luck!