Monday, April 6, 2009

Shell Ginger

Ginger of all different varieties are grown here on Maui for their colorful flowers. The flowers of the Shell Ginger are distinctive because of their separate blossoms which resemble small sea shells.

I enjoy eating the flowers of the White and the Yellow Ginger which is sweet with nectar while having a small snap of ginger taste. The kind of ginger which provides ginger spice (made from the root) has the most uninteresting of the ginger flowers. I haven't noticed any growing on Maui because -- they're not very noticeable.

Spring break seems to be in full swing, I haven't seen Wailea Beach this crowded in ages. The hotels have been suffering low occupancy due to the recession, but everyone seems happy right now. Sunny with light breezes and temperatures in the eighties; who wouldn't be happy?


  1. Don i have not seen that type of ginger here on Oahu for awhile now !! We truly as an island our in trouble !!