Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swimmers Whale Encounter

The Maui Pink Cap Swimmers did our usual Sunday ocean swim this morning, but five of us kept on going... I called to the whales on the way and suddenly, we were surrounded! They came to check us out from three different directions and converged all at one moment. Three swam by on the surface less than ten yards away, then two passed directly under us heading the other way. The third group kept their distance as they passed.

As quickly as they materialized out of the gloom, they disappeared. Completely! We waited and waited, but saw nothing. Josh and Jonathan were thrilled with their first-ever ocean-swim underwater whale sightings. I also think they now believe me when I talk about how well whales blend into the water. I watched as they almost climbed onto the back of the first whale without ever seeing it or knowing it was there. They did see the two under us, but only as indistinct outlines. The humpback whales came and went so quickly that Josh was soon wondering if he actually saw them or had dreamed them. Sometimes, I feel the same. But the photos I take manage to snap me back to reality.

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  1. You are my favorite poet/underwater lens.