Sunday, February 1, 2009


The Maui Pink Cap Swimmers were hoping against hope for an in-water whale encounter. Instead, we had to settle for a friendly Manta Ray and a Spotted Eagle Ray. Bummer.

Click HERE for more photos from today's swim.


  1. I always love those underwater shots of you guys!!! Pink Cap Dolphins....wonderful!!

  2. I had a fantastic time on this swim!!! We suffer a lot of sensory deprivation in the winter in Minnesota, so getting into the ocean was a treat. Disappointed we didn't see any whales, yes, but the rays and the Honu were still exciting (along with the spectacle of the reef). Thanks for having me along!
    Tom Jaeger

  3. I am a friend of Tom Jaeger (from MN) and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Tom shared the link to your page with me and to my suprise, there was another swimmer in your little "pod" that I know . . . Mike!
    Kindly remind him that I miss him . . . and I think he is the smartest guy I've ever met. He thought of moving and moved to Maui leaving Pittsburgh, PA, the gray, the snow and the cold behind!!??!!