Monday, February 16, 2009

My Theory Is...

Well, actually, I'm not quite sure what my theory is...

BUT, I've never heard any authoritative Humpback Whale experts talk about the whales' tendencies to hang out in murky water. Check out today's two encounters. These whales approached very close to me, yet it was still difficult to see their tails - only an extra fifty feet away.

I will be swimming out deep in clear, clear water where I can see the ocean bottom; then suddenly hit a cloud of murk. And that is where I will see whales. Since these areas of less than clear water are out where they have no reason to exist, I am assuming the whales somehow cause the cloudiness. Do they dive down and stir up the bottom? Or do they exude something into the water? And why?

Interestingly, the experts don't even seem to be aware of this phenomenon. I guess I have an unique perspective because I swim out from shore, I don't just suddenly drop in from a boat.

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  1. YOU tell them DON !!! thats why i love your blog!!! You swim from shore !!! People who DROP from a boat ARENOT getting a genuine experience. Plus those boats are not only dangerous to us shore swimmers, they can hurt baby whales and dolphins I think the whales stir the water up!!